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The story of candle
The best workers of the enemy

Why wouldn`t you try the same way in your life as this candle did?

The best workers of the enemy

The evil one had gathered his nearest ones to a negotiation.
- Have you seen those eager witnesses of Jesus Christ? We have to do something to stop them, he said.
- Yes we have seen them, answered others in choir, - but we haven’t found a good way to stop them. They are grossing all the borders and going everywhere with their message.
- It is time to take hard actions against them, shouted the evil one and continued: - Take first the married ones and arrange disorder into their marriages. Use any possible means you can find; bad rumours, jealousy, personality disorder, what ever, in order to get them into marital trouble. It is best, if you can cause a divorce or at least some doubts of sexual immorality. My best workers are then taking care of the rest.
-Your best workers? Aren’t we them?
- Well, in a way you are, but you are never so effective to stop them from evangelizing as those my best workers.
- Who do you mean?
- When the information of some the divorce or sexual immorality of someone, who is preaching Gospel of Jesus Christ, goes into ears of those legalistic Christians, they’ll take care of the rest.
- How?
- They do see those sins as unforgivable, and even more so, if that divorced person re-marries with someone else. Then they are willing to do what ever they can, to stop them from preaching and witnessing. Then all words of mercy are forgotten, all that matters to them, is to stop those poor ones from evangelizing. They themselves are not doing it, and those eager ones are being stopped and we can work in peace leading people to hell, said the evil one.
- Ok, that’s a fantastic plan, let’s move according it.

How about you, my sister and brother in the Lord? Are you one of the best workers of the enemy? Or are you acting in a different way?