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Latvia 4/2007 and
Latvia 4/2007

Latvia 8/2007

Latvia 10/2007

Tent 100 group
visiting in Finland 4-13.11.07

In May 2010 Seppo Haataja asked Taisto Pursiainen to come with him to take over a 43 cubic meters load of humanitarian aid to Jekabpils, Latvia. Main part of the load was food and the rest clothes. The locals distributed the goods for the needy in the area through several local churches and help organisations.

News March-April 2008

News 5/2008

News June-October 2008

Latvia 10/2008

Latvia 12/2008

Latvia 5/2009

Latvia 7-8/2009

Artcamp 7/2010

Stove project 11/2010

August 2011 We were visiting again in the Latvia. We had the
annual board meeting of the Repini Center
and we visited in a local church too.


In September we designed a finnish poem book, which was written by Anja Syrjä.

Summer 2016
We made a sauna in Latvia