RaTaM News March-April 2008

The Hospital Bed Case

On that very Monday, we were in Turku just leaving for home, when my phone rang.
- We do have some 50 hospital beds with hydraulic function coming straight from use… Could you find a new use and transport for them still on this week?
I promised to find out, when I get back home. It seemed impossible, for our finances were very low and the transport would need a long trailer-truck.
On the following morning the phone rang again waking me up.
- Can you inform me, if you are taking those beds tomorrow before noon.
I promised to do my best and started to phone some bigger mission and aid organisations. Two first ones could not help and I took a break for breakfast. And my phone rang again. One brother, Johannes Kudrin, from Estonia wanted to have me in Skype.
Johannes was asking, if it was possible to have some more training for one tent-maker so that they could start to make their own meeting tents. Finally he asked:
- How is everything with you?
- Well, we do have just one small problem.
And I told him of those hospital beds. He took the phone and made a call in Russian.
- They will call back after a while, he said to me.
And soon we had the place for those beds, one care home in Estonia. There was only one “small” misunderstanding, they were thinking that we will take care of the transport, for they had no money for it.
I explained it to Johannes and soon he informed that he had found an Estonia truck, which will come and pick up those beds on Friday and that they will take care of the transporting costs.
So those hospital beds were loaded on that truck on the 29th of February by a good work-party team. Our Lord had once again made the impossible to become possible.

Tent Production Mathematics and “Caviar”

On Thursday on the 6th April, early, 3 am. arrived Jaanus from Estonia to have some more training, how to calculate the angles and lengths etc. of the materials needed for sewing big meeting tents. I did put those calculations into an MSExel table so that in the future it is easier to make tents in different sizes.
But Jaanus did not arrive with empty hands. He had some 180 boxes full of Norwegian “Caviar”. It was a total of 2 880 tubes 185 grams in each. He gave 140 boxes of them to the Finnish Pentecostal Bible college (Iso Kirja), together 2 240 tubes. (They had received them from Norway, but now the Best before dates were soon running out, so they took something with them to us.)
The main chef of the Bible college said when she saw the amount:
- When the Lord gives, He gives abundantly.
Really tasty stuff, not at all too salty, but delicious on Finnish Rye Crisps.

Ratami-remmi on the Road

(Ratami-remmi is the nick-name of our Kolho team: Ritva & Taisto Pursiainen and Kati & Raino Mustonen.)
The “oldfashion” salvation message of Jesus Christ is still been asked for. So we were having an evangelistic meeting in Pälkäne Finland on the 30th of March 2008.
The Lord was blessing our meeting.
In the future there are also such meetings in different places with songs and preaching of the Word of God. Sometimes we are travelling in as couples and sometimes as the whole team.

After Annual Meeting…

The official annual meeting of the RaTaM – Gospel – Help ry. (Non-profi organisation.) was held on the 2nd of April in Kolho. Soon after that our Women-team, Marja and Helena left for Canada in order to tell of the deeds of the Lord under their journeys. Harri Tiainen went back to Haapajärvi to meet his duties as the local Pentecostal pastor over there and Kati & Raino left for Estonia.
The ferry to Estonia arrived to Tallinn at 2 o’clock in the morning on the 4th of April and then we had to drive to our apartment in Mõisaküla. We arrived there at 5 am.
After some short hours sleep it was time to go to the Old People’s meeting in Tõrva. All the way the timing of the Lord was perfect. We could even meet one person just as she was coming out from the same house, where we stayed…

Do We See the Man?

We were walking around in Mõisaküla snapping photos. The owner of one house came to ask:
- What are photoing?
He sounded a bit rough. We explained that we had taken photos of his beautiful home and garden. Soon he invited us in and we got new friends from that couple. They asked us to visit them again, when we are next time on that area.
People are open, when we are interested in them, but if we are using people only as targets of our sermons, they are closing their ears from what we are saying. It is something to keep on mind…

Later we visited one church service and I began to wonder, where had all the people disappeared from that church. The church team was “praising” mightily, but they seemed not at all to notice that their “sheep had disappeared hungry to the mountains” during their praise and enjoying of their own well-being.
I stayed in thoughts: Do we see the people around us? What will we once answer before the heavenly throne, when asked: “Where are those sheep and lambs I gave to you to take care of?”

The Opening Ceremony of the New Mission School

We were prepared to good conditions and nice celebration having some better clothes on. On the site we noticed that some winter over-all would have been better. The remounting of the building was still far from ready. It was more cold inside than outside, but after all there was real faith and a vision received from the Lord driving them forward.
Although our bodies were freezing, we could feel the fire of the Holy Spirit and so the new Mission School was opened in Lehtse, Estonia.
But for us it was time to go back home after one more night in Tallinn.

Yours in Christ Jesus

Raino Mustonen



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