RaTaM News June-October 2008

It has gone too long time since I last time wrote some news of our activities. Now, at least, over here some notes from the passed months:

In June, during the Pentecostal Annual Conference we had again some visitors staying in our home. It was after all a peaceful time for us…
After that we had to begin planning of the Art Camp in Kolho from the 8th to the 16th of July. It was not too easy, for there were 17 Latvians coming into our house for a week. How to find a good place for sleeping for everyone? How about making meals? And where they would eat? How could everyone get the possibility to wash them selves with warm water? There were so many open questions.
We had received some beds as humanitarian aid to be delivered forward, when finding the right need for them. They were still in our stores, so we took some of them and soon we had beds for all of them. Three were sleeping in our shower-room, some in rooms without windows, but everyone had a bed inside.
There is a small summerhouse in the garden with a stove, do it was used for making food and eating. Well, it was quite well occupied during the meals, when we were 21 persons eating in it.
Taisto Pursiainen built a “tent”-sauna and took an empty metallic barrel making a water-heating pot out of it. So even that problem was been solved.
It was a great week and gave as result many fantastic paintings and also new contacts with the local people living in our village. You can look the pictures from that camp at http://www.ratam.info/camp1 .

After the camp it was time to get back to our daily routines for some days, but also in August we had some special events:
On the 3rd of August we were in Haapajärvi celebrating the 50th anniversary of Harri Tiainen, the vice-chairman of our organisation.
26.- 28. August we had visitors from Russia Tent100 –ministry, Olga and Kirill Kozorez. They were singing and sharing Good News of Jesus Christ and Olga playing violin in the Pentecostal churches of Virrat on Tuesday and Haapamäki on Thursday and in the Kolho Lutheran church on Wednesday.
We had made some handouts and were sharing 400 of them to the mailboxes over here in Kolho. And there were 47 people in the church, which is quite much over here nowadays. Naturally we do hope that the church would be full in the future, but it was a beginning.
In Virrat and in Haapamäki they had taken care of the advertising by them selves. In Virrat it went well, but in Haapamäki there had been some mess with meeting times. After all we are praising the Lord for those meetings.
On the 31st of August it was the time of the annual church walk of Kolho. Kati was leading a singing team over there at one point. In spite of the snakebite she got while getting out of the car, everything went well. The bite was painful, but did finally no harm to her.

After that we had to leave for Turku for a couple weeks and then back home for the rest of September…

In the beginning of October there was an Evening of Music and Word in the Lutheran church of Kolho. Kati was asked to accompany two older sisters, who were singing and she made an advertisement of that event and we went again through Kolho and gave out 503 of them into the local people’s mailboxes. We did also bake some sweets for the coffee over there…
It was a blessed evening with Pirkko and Terttu Välimäki singing and Erkki Parikka preaching the Word of God.

Next we will head towards the three Baltic states, but it will be a part of the next issue of the RaTaM – News…

May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless You in Him.
Yours in Christ Jesus

Raino Mustonen



July 2008