Raino Mustonen is the chairman of the board. He is a pastor, evangelist and missionary.


Harri Tiainen is the vice-chairman. He is a pastor and evangelist. Maija-Liisa Tiainen is a nurse, but also a singing evangelist travelling together with her husband Harri.

RaTaM graphics is taken care of by Kati Mustonen.
If you need netpages or something else graphig design, you can ask from RaTaM-Gospel-Help ry.
Here is one example what we can do from finland even company is far from us.
Kathryn Roberts Law.

In the four person board there are also members of our so called “Grand-ma team” and of our “Kolho team”.
Both of those teams do travel quite often on areas, where are hardly any other working. It means often rough roads and difficult circumstances, but the Lord has been helping them in a marvellous ways.

Jaana & Mika Räsänen, are the key persons of “Hämeenlinna – Hauho team”, which is mainly a practical work team with many former alcoholics etc. who today want to live for the Lord. (For the present Mika needs your prayers, for the spine cord and one main leg nerve problems, which make him almost paralysed.)

Taisto Pursiainen is a board member



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